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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 25

Medical Ultrasound Patents Wanted
Seeking patents in the areas of diagnostic sonography / ultrasonography  > view
Consumer Health Monitoring Patents
Looking for patents that monitor patients at home.  > view
Looking for Wound Diagnostic Patents
Patents that cover technology related to chronic wound care and diagnostics  > view

Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 186

Implantable Drug Delivery Pump
A fail-safe refill process for implantable drug delivery pumps. Patients or home care-giver can safely refill pump without having to visit physician office.  > view
Cell-based Device for Local Treatment with Therapeutic Proteins
Cell-based device for local treatment with therapeutic proteins treatment of chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases  > view
Microfluidic Point-of-Care Diagnostics Platform
Broad technology and patent portfolio capable of unlocking a wide range of applications in medical diagnostics utilising low-cost microfluidic platforms which don’t ...  > view
A system for anchoring soft tissue to bone
Ideal solution for attaching soft tissue to bone after trauma using a unique dual implant process  > view
A Design Patent for a Slim Inhaler
A thin design alternative for the common inhaler  > view
A Breast Patch To Inhibit Prolactin
Lactation suppression - aids the relief of discomfort from breast engorgement pain, by drying breast milk after pregnancy.  > view