Matching Leading Patent Monetization Firms with Quality Patents

Welcome to Tynax, a leading patent broker since 2003. We source patents and cases for some of the world’s leading patent monetization firms. Unlike other brokers, we do not represent sellers in simple patent sale transactions. We specialize in brokering sophisticated arrangements designed to maximize the value of a portfolio of patents. The arrangements we set up often involving multiple parties and the monetization process spans several years.

Our process works as follows:

  1. The patent holder creates a free account and submits patents together with claims charts and any other pertinent information.
  2. Tynax reviews the patents, investigates the market opportunity and matches them with its clients–patent monetization firms.
  3. The Tynax clients review the patents and evaluate the opportunities in a secure custom online console.
  4. When the Tynax client decides to pursue an opportunity, Tynax goes to work introducing the parties and brokering an arrangement designed to maximize the revenue generated from the intellectual property.

How to Maximize the Revenue from a Patent

If you want to maximize the revenue potential from a family of patents, simply selling the patent isn’t usually the best route. Maximizing revenue from a patent is a business that involves bringing together a team that can include patent prosecutors, technology experts, litigators, investment bankers and investors. All patents are different and what works best for one might not work for another. Each opportunity essentially requires a custom business plan. In some cases, the best strategy might be to engage a top tier law firm, raise finance and run a long term licensing campaign. In other cases, extensive prosecution may be necessary before the patents are ready for licensing.

Our Clients–The Patent Monetization Firms Represented by Tynax

The patent monetization firms we represent operate a variety of business models. Some are looking for mature patent portfolios. Others are looking for applications with early priority dates. Each of our clients has its own strengths. Where one may be particularly strong in patent prosecution, the strengths of another may be in litigation and another may be particularly strong in the area of financing. The one thing in common with the Tynax patent monetization firm clients is that they’re the best of breed, and each one has generated hundreds of millions, or billions of dollars from patents in recent years.


We understand the sensitive nature of patents and the information you submit to Tynax will be protected and will only be shared with a very small number of Tynax clients, each working under a confidentiality agreement. When submitting claims charts and evidence of use, it’s important to recognize that Tynax clients are not operating companies but patent monetization firms. Information shared with our clients is often protected under client/attorney privilege and the attorney work product doctrines as well as non disclosure agreements.

Free Educational Resources Available from Tynax

It’s important to understand the patent marketplace if you’re going to be successful at patent monetization. To this end, Tynax provides a wealth of free resources including:

Certification Courses Available From Our Sister Company Silicon Valley Business School

Silicon Valley Business School offers a range of online courses and certification programs that cover patent law and business extensively and are available to anyone:

  • Certified Patent Professional
  • Certified Legal Professional

Prospective Clients

We build trusted, long term relationships with a small number of patent monetization firms, each specializing in a particular area of the market. Our clients have a proven track record of converting patents into profitable revenues and each one has a different approach and business model.

We provide our clients with a unique, secure online console where they can quickly review patent portfolios available on the market. More than 8,000 portfolios have been submitted over the last several years. We’ve rated every one of them and the console provides clients with the ability to quickly make a decision to “Pass”, “Pursue” or “Postpone” with regard to any particular listing. When we receive a “Postpone” decision, we wait for infringement to develop in the market. When we receive a “Pursue” decision, we go to work brokering a transaction. Whether it’s an assignment or some other form of arrangement depends on the patents, the inventors and the business plan.

Our business model involves long-term revenue- and profit- sharing partnerships with our clients, who are all somewhat different. We don’t like to waste anyone’s time. Reviewing patents is time-consuming and expensive, so we try to avoid situations where our clients are competing with each other. For that reason, we like to work with a diverse set of clients, each looking for different types of opportunities.

If you’re in the patent monetization business, you’re looking for quality patents and cases, and you have a particular niche in which you excel, we’d love to hear from you.